Saturday, 2 February 2013

Organic Stores in Mumbai

Mumbai has one of the highest numbers of organic food outlets in India. Gone are the days when organic food was difficult to find. Organic food is available in every part of the city.  With the change in the living standard, people in Mumbai are becoming more conscious day by day regarding health, their eating habits they prefer pure, safe and quality food. This is the reason consumers are shifting to organic food and the demand of organic food is increasing.

Now in Mumbai there are all the brands like Organic Haus, Greenfields, FabIndia, Nourish Organics, Organic Nation, Go Green etc which fulfills the demand of organic products. These stores have a large variety of Organic products like:
·         Organic Beauty products
·         Organic health products
·         Organic cow’s ghee
·         Organic fruits and vegetables
·         Organic spices
·         Organic pulses
·         Organic baby products
·         Organic khakhra
·         Organic grains

All these products are available in these stores at a reasonable price, good quality, freshness to the best. And these stores are promising to offer a large variety of more organic food range in future. Infact, stores like organic haus has organic toothpaste available. The store people are friendly and give you a taste of everything that you ask for. If they don’t have tasters, they even open a fresh one for you to taste, making sure that you are satisfied with the product before buying.  Many of the entrepreneurs of these stores are focusing on great creative ways of getting Organic veggies, foods, across Mumbai through home delivery and online shopping.

Organic Food has picked and is picking up all over the world. Vegetables & Fruits that we get in common market are many times genetically modified or grown using chemical fertilizers and pesticides which are not good for health in long run. People in Mumbai are aware about this and thus shifted to organic diet and enjoying the benefits of healthier digestive system, better tasting food and a greener conscience
Thus Mumbai going organic has increased the demand for organic stores dramatically.

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